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You Can’t Eat the Sunshine is the podcast of Esotouric, the offbeat Los Angeles company that turns the notion of guided sightseeing tours on its ear. Each month, join Kim Cooper and Richard Schave on their Southern California adventures, as they visit with fascinating characters for wide-ranging interviews that reveal the myths, contradictions, inspirations and passions of the place. There’s never been a city quite like Los Angeles. Tune in if you’d like to find out why.

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Past Episodes

YCES in Quarantine Episode #136: The Larry Edmunds Bookshop & the (Nearly) Lost World of Hollywood Book & Memorabilia Dealers

YCES in Quarantine Episode #135: Hollywood’s Historic Preservation Heroes & Villains

YCES in Quarantine Episode #134: Last Stand on Koreatown’s Little New York Street with Carolyn Zanelli, Spencer Jones, Steven Luftman and Nathan Marsak

YCES in Quarantine Episode #133: Stan’s Donuts & LACMA with Alison Martino, Rob Hollman and Steven Luftman

Episode #132: Illuminating Los Angeles: Elmore Leonard & The Triforium

Episode #131 : Happening at The Huntington: From Architectural Artifacts to Zen Buddhism

Episode #130: Once Upon A Time At Times Mirror Square

Episode #129: Preserving Dynastic Los Angeles County Landmarks in the 21st Century: The Chandlers’ Times Mirror Square & The Bixbys’ Rancho Los Cerritos

Episode #128: Chronicling Mid-Century Modern Long Beach and Lomaland’s Lovely Relics

Episode #127: Fighting For the Soul of Los Angeles

Episode #126: From Show Caves to Palm Canyons: Treasures of Southern California’s Desert State Park System

Episode #125: A Farewell to the Caravan Book Store & The Challenges Facing L.A.

Episode #124: The Symbionese Liberation Army & A Vintage Arcadia Xmas

Episode #123: The Triforium + Topographic Map: Preserving Joseph Young’s Mid-Century Marvels in the Heart of Downtown Los Angeles

Episode #122: Bunker Hill & The French Village: Two Lost Los Angeles Neighborhoods Taken By Eminent Domain

Episode #121: Once Upon A Time in French-Speaking Los Angeles & Early Days of Angels Flight on Old Bunker Hill

Episode #120: Boyle Heights Blossoming: Everything’s Different at Ray & Roy’s Market

Episode #119: Secrets of Llano del Rio and Utopian Los Angeles

Episode #118: Adventures in the Hollywood Preservation Trenches: Lytton Savings & Frank Sinatra’s Bungalow

Episode #117: SeaView, a Mid-Century Time Modern Capsule on the Palos Verdes Penninsula

Episode #116: Miracle Mile and a Mid-Century Master

Episode #115: Hollywood Book Culture & Downtown’s Chimney Swifts

Episode #114: Lures and Snares of Old Main Street

Episode #113: Pereira in Peril

Episode #112: Elysian Park Activists: Preserving Sacred Ground

Episode #111: The Wild World of Wallace Berman

Episode #110: El Pueblo to ELA

Episode #109: Palos Verdes Modern and Pasadena Retro: Documenting Two Remarkable American Design Eras

Episode #108: The Homeless and the Loft Dwellers: Public Policy Approaches to Housing in Downtown LA’s Arts District and Beyond

Episode #107: Clever Gifts and Nihilist Olympics: Two Unique Slices of L.A. Life

Episode #106: Recreation and Restoration in the San Gabriel Valley

Episode #105: A Master Architect in Los Angeles: Bertram Grosvenor Goodhue’s Central Library and Caltech Campus

Episode #104: A Day in the Life of Union Station / Harvey’s Broiler Reborn

Episode #103: The Stories She Could Tell: Skid Row 2015 / Go-Go Club 1966

Episode #102: Strange Stones and Frizzled Flowers

Episode #101: Renovation & Renewal in Skid Row’s Affordable House Stock

Episode #100: Arches & Aqueducts

Episode #99: From the Desert to Art Deco

Episode #98: Preserving the 1980s L.A. Music Scene & Taco Bell #1

Episode #97: Citrus, Books and Air Rights

Episode #96: Remembering the Trails Restaurant on old Route 66

Episode #95: Fantastical Architecture of Old Los Angeles

Episode #94: Grand Ave. and Grand Visions

Episode #93: Citrus, Steaks and Sub-division along old Route 66

Episode #92: Preservation On The Waterfront

Episode #91: Lost Long Beach & Cosmic Los Angeles

Episode #90: Guestbooks & Gridlock

Episode #89: A Riverside Architecture Road Trip

Episode #88: Whales, Landfills & Amusement Parks of the Palos Verdes Peninsula

Episode #87: Memorial Meanders in Orange & Anaheim

Episode #86: San Gabriel Valley Visionaries

Episode #85: Mapping Los Angeles

Episode #84: Saving a Streamline Moderne Gem in West Hollywood

Episode #83: Revealing A Lost Folk Art Environment in South Los Angeles

Episode #82: Steaks & Suburbia

Episode #81: The Printed Page & Silver Screen

Episode #80: Curating & Hoarding: Preservation in Action

Episode #79: Bringing the Past to Life: Felix in Hollywood & Duffy’s La Habra

Episode #78: Bunker Hill: Past, Present & Future

Episode #77: Legendary Southern Californians: The Orange & Huell Howser

Episode #76: Let There Be…Hollywood!

Episode #75: Silent Sweethearts, Noirish Dives & The Mother Road

Episode #74: Bibles & Rotisserie Chicken

Episode #73: 100 Years of “Dealing With” L.A.’s Skid Row

Episode #72: West Hollywood Preservationists Arise

Episode #71: Bunker Hill: Then & Now

Episode #70: We Are Wyvernwood

Episode #69: Rails & Remainders

Episode #68: Poppies & Poetry

Episode #67: Berlin & Bukowski

Episode #66: Architecture & Archives

Episode #65: Gnocchi and Knowing

Episode #64: Good, God & Guillotines

Episode #63: Secrets of the Alleys & Valley

Episode # 62: Biodynamics & Yiddishkeit

Episode #61: Poppies, Death & Noir

Episode #60: Neff & Noir

Episode #59: The Future Of Sidewalks & Old Buildings

Episode #58: Bringing the Past to Life: Hollywood & Boyle Heights

Episode #57: Steel, Glass and Guns

Episode #56: Crossing Over: Death & Bridges

Episode #55: Bunker Hill: Noir, Doomed and Still Relevant

Episode #54: Los Angeles’ Roots Run Deep

Episode #53: Speed Shops, Strip Clubs, Quarks, & the Future of Downtown LA

Episode #52: The Golden Age of Hollywood & Salvation

Episode #51: Cosmic Consciousness & Compost

Episode #50: Cowboys, Indians and a Railroad Baron’s Treasures

Episode #49: Hot Spots of Los Angeles, Old and New

Episode #48: Charisma & Magic

Episode #47: The Europeans Take Hollywood

Episode #46: The World of The Kept Girl: Raymond Chandler, love cults, real-life Philip Marlowes & the L.A. underworld of the 1920s

Episode #45: Mrs. Parker & Friends In The Garden Of Allah

Episode #44: Temples and Transformations

Episode #43: Arts & Crafts In The Arroyo

Episode #42: The Arts District, Then & Now

Episode #41: Conservation Codes & The Courthouse Crowd

Episode #40: A Tale of Two Bridges

Episode #39: Maps & Montezuma

Episode #38: Secrets of the Watts Towers

Episode#37: A Gypsy’s Palace in Downey (by way of Tunis)

Episode #36: Poets & Carpenters

Episode #35: The End of the Rainbow

Episode #34: Treasured Tomes & Train Tracks

Episode #33: Late Nights & Lost Lore

Episode #32: Ranchos & Rubber Plants

Episode #31: Free Speech & Forensic Science

Episode #30: Silversmiths & Silver Tongues

Episode #29: Typology & Typewriters

Episode #28: Miracle On Broadway & Ministering To The Masses

Episode #27: The Makers of Modern Los Angeles: Charles Fletcher Lummis & John Parkinson

Episode #26: Old L.A. Recipes: Baked Goods, Baked Clay and Beyond

Episode #25: Native Daughters & Exiles at Home in Los Angeles

Episode #24: Castles & Lofts

Episode #23: Growing a neighborhood: The educated user’s guide to The Arts District

Episode #22: Tiles, Exiles & Aerospace

Episode #21: Art on the Edge

Episode #20: Sacred Sites & Sacred Streets

Episode #19: Lyman Stewart’s Downtown Legacy: The Union Rescue Mission and BIOLA

Episode #18: Peeling Back The Layers of The Arts District

Episode #17: Hollywood Hotspots and Pomona Preserved

Episode #16: Death & Art Deco

Episode #15: Preserving Historic Los Angeles: On the Streets and In The Archives

Episode #14: From the Arroyo to the Riviera

Episode #13: Cowboys & Barflies

Episode #12: The Maltese Falcon & A Landmark In Chains

Episode #11: The Lugos & The Chandlers

Episode #10: The Rank & The Charismatic

Episode #9: Fante & Hammett

Episode #8: Temperance Temple & Two-Lane Blacktop

Episode #7: Jazz Age Los Angeles: Haberdashers and Hermetic Rites

Episode #6: Steve Jobs’ Great White Whale & Funky Folk Artists of Slab City

Episode #5: Books & Bulldozers

Episode #4: Swizzle Sticks & Secret Salons

Episode #3: Bunker Hill & Bones of Contention

Episode #2: Orange Groves & Outer Space

Episode #1: Hot Rods & Huell Howser

Latest Episode

YCES in Quarantine Episode #137: Judson Studios’ 123 Years of Innovation in Stained Glass

Our guest this week is Dave Judson, the 4th Generation owner-operator of Judson Studios, crafting stained glass in the Garvanza section of Highland Park since 1897.

With most of the studio’s hands-on work paused by the coronavirus, we’ll talk with Dave about the recent release of his book Judson: Innovation in Stained Glass, the history of the family business, how the landmark studio building has evolved, our shared adventures in the field seeking lost Judson glass installations in landmark buildings, and the new South Pasadena workshop where artisans bring their medieval craft into the 21st century with computerized kilns for crafting massive fused glass panels for commissions around the world.

We’ll also talk about: the wild Los Angeles City Planning Commission hearing when the fate of our threatened landmark Los Angeles Times buildings took an astonishing turn, corrupt councilman Jose Huizar twists in the wind, the ghastly new proposal to demolish Taix French Restaurant for the world’s worst mixed use project and why we think it’s not for real, how to score primo organic California olive oil without breaking quarantine and stray musings on LACMA redevelopment.


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