Join us this week as we visit with Louise Ivers, Long Beach architectural historian and preservationist, for an overview of that city’s rich and quickly disappearing architectural legacy. We’ll also talk with writer Steffie Nelson about the people and ideas that have helped shape her concept of “Cosmic Los Angeles.”

We’ll also discuss Kim’s discovery of Raymond Chandler’s comic operetta “The Princess and the Pedlar,” preservation concerns about the Redlands Passenger Rail Project, sidewalk vending push in Los Angeles and Francis Anderton’s reporting on Pershing Square Renew. All this and more as Kim & Richard usher in the week of December 8th.

Photo: Wallace Berman, Self Portrait Crater Lane, 1955 (source: Wallace Berman Foundation)

Closely Watched Trains & URLs for Podcast

Steffie Nelson’s website.

Louise Ivers’ book Long Beach: A History Through Its Architecture is available from the Historical Society of Long Beach. 

Kim discovers Raymond Chandler’s lost comic operetta The Princess and the Pedlar.

Preservation concerns about Redlands Passenger Rail Project.

Sidewalk vending opposed by some business interests.

KCRW’s DNA report “Will Pershing Square Get a Design Overhaul?”

Kim’s free Pasadena Public Library talk on Raymond Chandler and The Kept Girl. 

Forensic science seminar Where There’s Smoke.