Join us this week as we talk with Gail Pierce of the Historic Neff House in La Mirada, the childhood home of architect Wallace Neff. We also visit with poet Cece Peri to discuss the origins and techniques of that most cinematic literary genre, Poem Noir.

We’ll also discuss the unfortunate stucco remodel of the formerly gold leafed facade of 735 South Broadway and preservation concerns about other historic buildings along this National Register boulevard as development kicks into high gear. All of this and more as Kim and Richard usher in the week of April 7th, 2014.

Photo: The Ditrichson house (AKA Death House) in the film “Double Indemnity” (1944)

Closely Watched Trains & URLs for Podcast

Suzanne Lummis’ Poem Noir workshop (Starts April 16th, more info,  PDF syllabus)

Video from LAVA’s November Poem Noir walking tour.  

Esotouric’s newsletter about the stuccoing of a  Broadway gem.

April LAVA Sunday Salon

Kim’s novel, The Kept Girl, is now available