Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) About Esotouric’s webinars

A streaming webinar is resource heavy, so you should quit any applications you’re not using, and you may want to restart your device. The Chrome browser works well. You can check if your system is up to date for streaming our webinars.

Esotouric webinars stream live at noon Saturday (Los Angeles time), and viewers who tune in can participate in the interactive chat and Q&A session. If you can’t watch live, or have to log out before the webinar ends, you can watch the recording later. Recordings take a few hours to process. Ticket holders will get an email as soon as the recording is available. If you buy a ticket during the week after the webinar, the recording can be viewed at the same webpage through the following Saturday (one week total from when it aired live).

Yes, you can purchase a ticket to watch a Saturday webinar after the live event has ended, and can watch the recording during the seven days after it aired live. Watch the recording by Saturday evening, because webinars are no longer available on the following Sunday.

Yes, look for “Esotouric On Demand,” with our older webinars made available for purchase at a different link.

Yes, we can offer private versions of our webinars. Send an email and tell us the size of your group, when you’d like to watch the live webinar, and what you’re interested in seeing.

Yes, you can enter a friend's name and email address when buying a ticket, and they will be on the attendee list and receive emails about the event. If you are having trouble buying an additional ticket, be sure to log out of Big Marker. If the site is remembering your browser, you can use a different browser or in incognito mode.

We are keeping a close eye on public health directives and best
practices for community safety. When we determine it's appropriate to
resume giving public tours, we will update the website and share
upcoming dates in our weekly newsletter.