Join us this week as we talk with Bill Martinet, a retired employee of the Sunkist corporation, about the year he spent working in the gorgeous, now-demolished Sunkist Building (1935) opposite L.A.‘s Central Library. We’ll also visit with Donald Spivack, former Deputy Chief of Operations and Policy at the Los Angeles Community Redevelopment Agency, to learn about the terrible Central Library fire of 1986, and the redevelopment plan that saved the building.

We’ll also discuss the New York Times’ coverage of residential demolitions in Los Angeles, the reopening of the restored programmatic Idle Hour cafe and support for the National Trust’s involvement in the Southwest Museum crisis. All this and more as Kim & Richard usher in the week of February 16th.

Photo: Sunkist Building, Walker & Eisen. 1935

Closely Watched Trains & URLs for Podcast

Welcoming the National Trust to the Southwest Museum table.

See the restored Idle Hour cafe.

L.A. mansionization on the national stage.

Photos of the Sunkist Building (Walker & Eisen, 1935).

Video of the 1986 Central Library fire.


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