Join us this week as we talk with Joan Jobe Smith about her new memoir, Tales of an Ancient Go-Go Girl, and about bikers, bars, Charles Bukowski, and her loving father, Avner. We’ll also visit with filmmaker Alina Skrzeszewska to learn about her current project, Game Girls, a documentary about the female experience in Skid Row, a place of tremendous pain and healing, too.

We’ll also discuss the groundswell of support for saving William Pereira’s LACMA campus and other structures, California bill SB 608 aka the Right to Rest Act, the city given the option to purchase the Art Deco Naval & Marine Corps Reserve Center near Dodger Stadium, the pending closure of the Botánica at Third and Broadway, the eviction of the Highland Park’s Swap Mall vendors, Arts District developer seeking to erase 19th century Merrick Street name and Norms on La Cienega moves closer to designation as an historic monument. All this and more as Kim & Richard usher in the week of April 13th, 2015

Photo: Joan Jobe Smith

Closely Watched Trains & URLs for Podcast

William Pereira / Save LACMA panel at Occidental.

SB 608, aka the Right to Rest Act introduced.

Naval & Marine Corps Reserve Center offered to the city.

The Botánica at Third and Broadway is not long for this world.

Norms restaurant moves closer to a landmark designation.

Highland Park’s Swap Mall vendors say goodbye.

Developer seeks to erase 19th century Arts District street name.

About Alina Skrzeszewska's Game Girls project; link to the crowdfunding campaign.

Order Joan Jobe Smith's book.


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