Join us as we focus on the Boyle Heights community that has rallied to protect the Wyvernwood Garden Apartments (David J. Witmer and Loyall F. Watson, 1939) from threatened redevelopment. We’ll hear from Cal State Los Angeles professor Bidhan Roy, community activist Rigo Amavizca and poet Kevin Stricke as we look into the motivations and tactics behind the grassroots movement called SAVE Wyvernwood.

Plus the restoration of the Globe Theatre marquee on Broadway, a long-anticipated sales listing for South Pasadena’s derelict Rialto Theatre, tough times for the Balboa Village Theatre, yet another old newsstand to close (this one in Westwood), the death of Broadway’s beloved rooftop tree, a video explores the gentrification of Grand Central Market and a farewell to Chavez Ravine photographer Don Normark. All this and more as Kim & Richard usher in the week of June 16th.

Closely Watched Trains & URLs for Podcast

Globe Theatre marquee being restored.

The Rialto Theatre to be sold.

Orange County theatres lay fallow.

Farewell to Westwood Village’s newsstand. 

A tree dies on Broadway.

The gentrification of Grand Central Market (video).

Don Normark, RIP.

Kevin Stricke writing for KCET.

Wyvernwood preservation website.

LAVA event — An Afternoon in Old Monterey Park: El Encanto.

June LAVA Sunday Salon

Kim’s novel, The Kept Girl, is now available