Verifax Collage by Wallace Berman

Verifax Collage by Wallace Berman

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Join us this time for a special episode dedicated to the influential Los Angeles artist Wallace Berman (1926-1976). Our guests are Hollywood gallerist Michael Kohn, who walks us through the retrospective exhibition “Wallace Berman—American Aleph,” on view at Kohn Gallery through June 25, 2016, and the artist’s son, the author and publisher Tosh Berman, talking about his father’s craft and character, and his importance in the mid-century West Coast cultural scene. On Saturday, June 4 at 4pm, join Tosh, Michael and the exhibition’s curators at Kohn Gallery for an intimate, free guided tour of the exhibition.

We’ll also discuss the campaign to Save The Smell and with it the last remnants of the early 20th century Main Street entertainment zone, a lost episode of Huell Howser’s “California’s Gold” reminds us that Lummis House needs a lot of help, a troubling proposal to gut the Cecil Hotel and a new campaign to ensure Pershing Square’s historic monuments don’t fall by the wayside if the park is redesigned. All this and more as Kim & Richard usher in the month of June, 2016.

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This Episode’s Interviews

Kohn Gallery exhibition Wallace Berman-American Aleph, on view through June 25, 2016. Exhibition catalog with introduction by Tosh Berman. Our photos from the show.

Tosh Berman’s imprint, Tam Tam Books.

Tosh Berman’s book, Sparks-Tastic: Twenty-One Nights with Sparks in London.

Closely Watched Trains & Upcoming Events

Main Street demolition notices target The Smell and neighbors.

Lost episode of Huell Howser’s California’s Gold features Lummis House.

New Cecil Hotel leaseholder plans to gut the 1924 structure.

Pershing Square Restoration Society petition campaign to preserve the park’s historic monuments.

Curatorial walk-through of “Wallace Berman: American Aleph” with Claudia Bohn-Spector, Sam Mellon and Tosh Berman

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June’s LAVA Sunday Salon

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