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Join us this month as we talk with Harry Chandler about his family’s newspaper empire and our upcoming Historic Cultural Monument hearing seeking to landmark the Los Angeles Times compound. We also visit with Carolyn Strickler, who was company historian and manager of the Los Angeles Times History Center from 1979-1990, for a crash course in the personalities and powers of the postwar L.A. newspaper world.

We’ll also discuss the Tower Theatre’s new chapter as an Apple store, possible redevelopment of Langer’s Deli, a partner files suit to force a sale of the L.A. Weekly, new life for Chinatown’s Golden Pagoda / Hop Louie, a shakeup at the Gamble House, memorializing Parker Center on the eve of its likely demolition, City Controller observes L.A. has little to show for $1 Billion in developer tax incentives since 2005, In Skid Row SRO news The Baltimore Hotel is purchased and the King Edward’s stained glass is being restored, Tail o’ the Pup isn’t a museum piece after all, Los Angeles Times Globe Lobby emptied of historic resources ahead of landmark hearing, PLUM Committee rejects four recognized landmarks clearing the way for a huge Hollywood redevelopment project, renovation work visible at West Adams’ Fitzgerald House, ASU leases Julia Morgan’s Herald-Examiner Building, and “True Love / True Crime on an American Bus” receives the Special Jury Prize at the Sidewalk Film Festival.

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Derelict Tower Theatre on Broadway leased as an Apple store.

Troubling rumblings from Langer’s Square suggest the historic deli may not be around much longer, despite the owner’s attempt at positive spin.

Those of us who have been boycotting the L.A. Weekly suspected much of this, but this week’s lawsuit by one of the previously anonymous owners lifts a rock concealing a whole lot of sleaze. Legalized weed attracts such lovely people.

The spirits of old Chinatown are smiling: the Golden Pagoda / Hop Louie, closed since 2016, is coming back to life!

After 28 years, Gamble House director departs over unspecified “differences of approach” with USC.

Controller: L.A. has OK’d $1 Billion in tax incentives to developers since 2005. That assistance needs more scrutiny.

As demolition began pending a judge’s determination on preserving the building, our Richard Schave went on Take Two to talk about what made Welton Becket’s 1955 Parker Center such a progressive LAPD HQ. (interview starts at 40:00). See also, this history lesson.

As the half-empty Skid Row landmark Baltimore Hotel is purchased by the Healthy Housing Foundation and reactivated, come take a time travel trip through a site packed with weird history. The L.A. Times Bomber, Tiger Woman and Rolling Stones were here! (Across the street at the King Edward, the stained glass is being restored.)

When Tail o’ the Pup was donated to Valley Relics—a San Fernando Valley museum with no connection to the Hollywood landmark—we felt blue. Now 1933 Group has acquired the iconic storefront, and is looking for a place to install it. A little confused how it went to a non-profit, then to a business, but happy the Pup is coming back to town.

Los Angeles Times Globe Lobby emptied of historic resources ahead of landmark hearing.

The Cultural Heritage Commission determines which Los Angeles buildings merit preservation designation. City Council’s PLUM Committee (somewhat mysteriously) makes land use decisions. But last week, PLUM played judge, jury & executioner for four recognized landmarks, clearing the way for a huge Hollywood redevelopment project.

The Cranky Preservationist, who loves Los Angeles and HATES what you’re doing to it, returns! Episode 16: Fitzgerald House Blues, in which a wrecked West Adams landmark finally get shown a little love! (On YouTube and Facebook)

The short documentary about our L.A. history tours and preservation activism, “True Love / True Crime on an American Bus” (directed by Nicholas Coles) received the Special Jury Prize at the Sidewalk Film Festival! We hope to be able to invite folks to an L.A. screening soon.