Join us this week as we talk with Gale Banks, the guru of automotive turbo-charging, about the mentors and apprenticeships that shaped his career in high performance. We’ll also visit with Erick Lopez, a Los Angeles City Planner, to learn about about zoning changes intended to create a more transit- and pedestrian-oriented city, and new tools for development for Downtown L.A.

Plus a possible new home for the Bahooka’s famous carrot-eating fish Rufus, why the zoning code enables McMansions, folk artist Leonard Knight of Salvation Mountain dies and a revamped Glassellland sign is coming soon. All this and more as Kim & Richard usher in the week of Feb. 17th, 2014

Photo: Gale Banks with his award winning 10th grade Science Project

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On Richard Feynman’s artwork, as discussed in Gale Bank’s interview. 

Re:Code LA

Rufus the fish, on the move?

On mansionization and demolition permits.

Leonard Knight, artist at Salvation Mountain, RIP.

Glassellland is coming.

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And the Broadway On My Mind series returns in February

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