Join us this week as we talk with Ansley Davies, Associate Curator in Planning and Development for the County of Los Angeles’ Department of Parks and Recreation, about the extraordinary collection of architectural features at East L.A.‘s City Terrace Park, including a Mid-Century Modern “Hypar” sports shell and relics of downtown’s Richardsonian Romanesque red sandstone Court House. We’ll also visit with writer Stinson Carter, to learn about about “La Vie Boheme” at Hollywood’s venerable Villa Carlotta apartments, whose residents are presently threatened with eviction as new owners seek to re-zone the structure as a high-end hotel.

We’ll also discuss the re-opening of Frank Lloyd Wright’s restored Hollyhock House on Olive Hill, how to mark literary sites in Los Angeles, demolition threats for Whittier’s historic reform school campus, Mission-era irrigation system revealed by Union Pacific track work, Vidiots in peril, new blood at the Angels Flight Railway, a preservation ordinance for unincorporated Los Angeles County and the reason for the abrupt closure of Les Noces du Figaro on Broadway. All this and more as Kim & Richard usher in the week of February 2nd, 2015.

Photo: juvenile Red Tailed Hawk in garden across the street from the Villa Carlotta

Closely Watched Trains & URLs for Podcast

City Terrace Park webpage.

Stinson Carter’s Vanity Fair essay on the Villa Carlotta. 

The L.A. Times’ Nita Lelyveld visits the Villa Carlotta, and shares intimate photos.


Restored Hollyhock House reopens.

How to handle a literary shrine.

Is demolition in the cards for landmark Whittier reform school? 

Mission-era water distribution system emerges.

RIP Vidiots. (flash: it lives!)

New blood for Angels Flight.

Board of Supervisors adopts an historic preservation ordinance.

Board Approves Historic Preservation Ordinance

Why Les Noces du Figaro closed (pdf link).


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