Join us this week as we talk with Rare Books Librarian Emma Roberts about some unusual gems in the Los Angeles Public Library’s collection. We’ll also visit with Ken Bernstein, Head of the Office of Historic Resources for the City of Los Angeles, to explore the symbiotic relationship between light rail and urban development over the past century in Downtown LA.

We’ll also discuss a cautionary tale of Neighborhood Councils and their authority (perceived and actual), memories of iconic Downtown culture hubs Troy and The Atomic Cafe, the last days of Irv’s Burgers, Angels Flight derails and the petition for the restoration of Pershing Square goes viral. All this and more, as Kim & Richard usher in the week of September 9th, 2013.

Photo: Pacific Electric Terminal, 6th & Main. 1910

Closely Watched Trains & URLs for Podcast

Los Angeles Public Library’s Rare Books department webpage.

Photos from our visit to the Rare Books department.

About the Nostell Manuscript, from Emma Robert’s blog.

Athanasius Kircher’s Bell Wheel at the Museum of Jurassic Technology (video).

The City of L.A.’s Office of Historic Resources website.

Troy & Atomic Cafe Remembered

Roebling Bldg.‘s Batchelder Tile Tour

Union Recue Mission Skid Row history walking tour and Of Scrap & Steel screening (Thursday, October 10)