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Join us as talk with Michael Weinstein, President and co-founder of AIDS Healthcare Foundation, about his work in helping to establish the Chris Brownlie AIDS Hospice at Barlow Sanitarium in Elysian Park, the first such hospice in Los Angeles County.   We’ll also visit with Sallie Neubauer, past president of the Citizens Committee to Save Elysian Park and an activist and advocate for the park for more than three decades.

We’ll also discuss the disappointing winning design in the First and Broadway Park competition, an out of state developer’s proposal to gut the 1924 Cecil Hotel, concerns about the unlandmarked Los Angeles Times compound as rumors of a sale circulate, our preservation campaign saves Boyle Heights’ Peabody-Werden House, the last Van De Kamp’s windmill sign is restored, and confusion about the ground lease for Angels Flight Railway.

All this and more as Kim & Richard usher in the month of July 2016.

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This Episode’s Interviews

Michael Weinstein’s organization AIDS Healthcare Foundation.

Formal closing ceremony for the Chris Brownlie AIDS Hospice (news story, photos).

Citizens Committee to Save Elysian Park

USC’s Citizens Committee to Save Elysian Park history.

Sallie Neubauer protests the renaming of Elysian Park Avenue.

Closely Watched Trains & Upcoming Events

Mia Lehrer’s design chosen for First and Broadway Park.

Developer proposes gutting the 1924 Cecil Hotel.

L.A. Times sale rumored, no landmarking in place (see our interior photos).

Peabody-Werden house, our fastest ever historic preservation success story, is moved.

Arcadia’s Van De Kamp’s windmill sign spins again.

Confusion over Angels Flight’s ground lease; see it in 3D.

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