We got a tip today from a Glendale resident and Joan Crawford fan who wishes to remain anonymous, and who we’ll call Veda.

Veda wanted to be sure we knew that 1143 North Jackson Street, which served as the exterior of Mildred and Bert Pierce’s unhappy marital home in the 1945 film of James M. Cain’s Mildred Pierce, and which is a featured location on our Birth of Noir tour, is available for lease.

Surely someone within the sound of our digital voice loves Joan Crawford and is looking for a pleasant suburban home in which to bake pies, spoil their children, call a wandering spouse’s bluff and maybe make their first fortune? Just don’t schedule a house tour expecting to find a cozy upstairs for the kids’ rooms: it’s a famous blooper that the single story exterior location gives way to a two-story studio set.

Veda notes that the Rossmoyne Historic District is a terrific neighborhood, and you’ll be walking distance from Trader Joe’s, Walgreens, Ralphs, Vons, and We’re Pouring, the local taphouse and gastropub.

Should you move in, we hope you’ll step outside and join our Birth of Noir tour group when we’re again able to give tours. We’ll tell the story of the prior owner, a lovely French lady, and how she saved the now magnificent front yard palm tree, because it was in the movie, and what kind of a monster would buy the house and not save Mildred’s dying palm tree if she could? The world is held together by such small acts of grace, and we are so grateful.