Bungalow courts are a distinctive, desirable and unfortunately endangered early 20th century form of workforce housing. These modest double (or sometimes single) rows of small cottages with shared community green space are usually under rent control, and are much loved by their tenants.

It’s not even April and 2023 is officially an annus horribilis. We’ve seen the unpermitted demolition of the Waring Avenue Bungalow Court near Paramount, discovered a cottage in Bukowski Court illegally listed on Airbnb, watched in horror as a tenant in the Sanborn Avenue Bungalow Court shared video of workers illegally gutting units, and gasped when Lourine Court‘s landlord was arrested on arson charges.

Obviously, Los Angeles bungalow courts need a lot of help.

And that’s why we’ve created a map as a way for you to get to know the bungalow courts in your neighborhood so you can help protect them, and maybe even luck out and get to live in one! (If you see a skull and crossbones icon, the buildings could be in danger or already gone. We’d like to limit the number of scary symbols on this map, and that’s where you come in.)

If you know of a local (City of Los Angeles only) bungalow court that’s not on this map, please let us know. Bungalow courts are marked with either darts and property outlines, so zoom in to be sure. Also please send us an email if you see signs of neglect, evictions, heavy construction, demolition permits or other evidence that a bungalow court is at risk.

Together we can help preserve L.A.’s precious bungalow court housing!