In these trying hours, it’s helpful to remember that there once was a time when American politics was not the focus of every waking thought, and to console ourselves that one day it will once again be the boring sport of wonks.

To that end, we bring you this Map of the Presidents’ Heads, a piece of patriotic folk art that says “Eat my dust, Mount Rushmore: here’s every chief executive through 2003!” This astonishing work, by Korean-born artist Min H. Rhee, hangs in a private medical facility in the San Gabriel Valley.

Observe these leaders of the west, bewigged and balding, bold and pensive, crammed in willy-nilly from sea to shining sea. Remember that power is fleeting, art is democratizing and America is kind of old.

And ask yourself: “Is LBJ loaded?”

Answer: Yeah, he’s definitely loaded. And we’ll drink to that.