The rumors are true: this year’s wildflower bloom is really something to see!

Come tag along with us as we leave Los Angeles at 4:30am to reach the canyons of Anza-Borrego Desert State Park while the shadows are still long on the land and the temperatures are temperate.

First we hiked up popular Borrego Palm Canyon, a sandy slot incline leading to a waterfall pool and oasis. The wildflowers along the way were stunning, and it was a treat to find the pools filled with pollywogs and a few sly frogs.

But by 10am the chattering crowds were already detracting from the quiet enjoyment of the space. So at the suggestion of a savvy volunteer at the visitor’s center, we lit out to a sleepier corner of the park to hike Cactus Loop Trail. Here we found no people at all, just birds and wind and a riot of color as every cactus on the hill erupted in flower. We could hear the leaves rustling on the tall stalks of the ocatillo shrubs and the scritch-scritch of lizards racing across the sand.

Spring is here, and it is glorious. We hope you get a chance to see the California wildflowers before they go to seed. Until then, enjoy some scenes from our adventure.

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