Hand-carved stool by Reginald Machell, for his friend and colleague Kenneth Morris.
Lomaland theater stage ornament.
View of Raja Yoga Academy and the Temple of Peace, by Charles Ryan, 1920.
“Greater Maze” Construction
L. Gordon Plummer (1904-1999)
Mixed media, approximately 20″H x 20″ x 23.5″
Collection of the San Diego History Center, Gift of L. Gordon Plummer
Polyhedron construction used in lecture on Divine Geometry by the donor
‘GREATER MAZE’ –Interlacing Polyhedrons: Geometrical Symbol of the Universe. Constructed and designed by L. Gordon Plummer.
Two of ten wall panels introducing viewers to the exhibit ‘Revisiting Visionary Utopia: Katherine Tingley’s Lomaland, 1898-1942.’ Panel on the left is an enlarged photograph of the huge doors, over twelve feet high, carved by Reginald Machell c.1901 for the entrance to the Aryan Temple (renamed the Temple of Peace after World War I).
Introductory exhibit on the 2nd floor of the SDSU Library, introducing the full exhibit: ‘Revisiting Visionary Utopia: Katherine Tingley’s Lomaland, 1898-1942’ on display in the Kenney Reading Room of the Department of Special Collections.
Exhibit case on Kenneth Vennor Morris (1879-1937). In 1908, at the invitation of Katherine Tingley, he moved to Lomaland, becoming professor of literature at the Raja Yoga School and Theosophical University, where his literary energies found creative expression for the next twenty-two years. “An important, innovative fantasist, worthy to rank with MacDonald, Eddison, and Tolkien.” – Ursala LeGuin