Jose Huizar’s DTLA: A New True Crime Tour (Coming Soon)

A shadow is hanging over Los Angeles City Hall, as US attorneys and FBI agents complete their investigation into an international public corruption scandal that’s focused just outside the gleaming art deco tower, with the Chinese financed mega-projects that have transformed Downtown Los Angeles. The central figure in the probe is CD14 Councilman Jose Huizar. This forthcoming tour is, like the investigations, still a work in progress, to be launched when the public learns more about how Huizar and his “City family” cronies reshaped the city for the benefit of corporations, connected non-profits and others yet to be revealed.

The tour places the 21st Century scandal in the context of Los Angeles history and literature, drawing a golden thread from the City Hall “combination” that ran the vice rackets during Prohibition and inspired the cynical world view of Raymond Chandler’s detective hero Philip Marlowe and the muckraking ballot box advocacy of cafeteria king Clifford Clinton to today’s troubling PLUM Committee land use votes and the passionate activists, gadflies and preservationists who oppose them.

Key locations in Los Angeles history are illuminated through their role in past scandals and in Jose Huizar’s rise and fall, including The Sixth Street Viaduct (demolished), Pershing Square (altered), The Ambassador Hotel (demolished), The Broadway Theater District (demographic altered), The Vladeck Center (altered), Michigan-Soto Youth Center (demolished), Times Mirror Square (threatened), Bishop Mora Salesian High School, Wyvernwood (threatened), The Pickle Works (demolished) and Oceanwide (work halted).

Entwined with Jose Huizar’s cautionary political tale is that of the Los Angeles Times, as an institution whose independence was shaken by an advertorial scandal in the early days of the Downtown L.A. revival, whose growth was built upon corrupt land acquisitions and abuse of the public trust, and whose controversial 1973 William Pereira addition is central to the pay-for-play development scandal currently unfolding.

On December 23, 2022, this Esotouric tour was cited in the “nontraditional media” section of the DOJ’s court pleadings on jury selection in Jose Huizar’s racketeering trial. See page 20 here.

To learn more about our work advocating for historic preservation and better policy decisions in Jose Huizar’s CD14, see: The Times Mirror Square / Pereira in Peril campaign – Save Parker Center campaign – Pershing Square Restoration SocietyBroadway on My Mind walking tour series – Save Angels Flight preservation campaign (ignored by Jose Huizar, solved by the Mayor’s Office).

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• Because we subscribe to new filings from his court case, we broke the news of Jose Huizar’s plea deal, scooping all other local and national media as we offered a very opinionated live read of the documents (1,2) , which you can follow on Twitter or Facebook. We also published a newsletter. (1/19/2023)

• As co-conspirator Raymond Chan’s trial teeters on the edge of mistrial with his attorney Harland Braun’s hospitalization, Jose Huizar seeks a delay in his own sentencing, from April 3 to October 2, 2023.

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