L.A. Noire fans gather outside the Biltmore, eager to go play the game with new understanding of '47 L.A. On April 16, Esotouric was delighted to welcome fans of the much-anticipated Rockstar / Team Bondi video game "L.A. Noire" aboard The Real Black Dahlia crime bus, for a moody excursion following in the footsteps of Elizabeth Short, whose unsolved 1947 murder, notorious then as now as the Black Dahlia case, figures in the plot of the game. Walking to the crime scene From the Biltmore Hotel where she rested, to the Olive Street bar that was the real last place she was seen alive, then out to Leimert Park to the now disarmingly suburban crime scene, it was an emotional day spent in great company. We hope taking the tour helps our new friends solve all the virtual crimes that "L.A. Noire" can throw at them (in the character of Cole Phelps, newly-minted 1947 LAPD Detective) while revealing the real, sad girl behind all the mystery and bluster of the Black Dahlia myth. Hotel Figueroa, where Beth Short had a romantic interlude For more photos from our day exploring, see the Flickr set . And if you're excited about playing "L.A. Noire" and want to visit the real city that's its source, then come out with us on any one of our 1940s-themed tours: The Real Black Dahlia, The Birth of Noir, Raymond Chandler's L.A. or Hotel Horrors & Main Street Vice.