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Thanks for tuning in to our latest Esotouric webinar. We hope to see you again soon. If you can’t wait until The Stories of Los Angeles Storybook Architecture (2/27) or The Birth of Noir with James M. Cain & Raymond Chandler (3/6), you can choose from a growing library of On-Demand webinars.

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SPECIAL LINKS FOR THIS WEEK: Gene Barnes on filming serial killer Stephen Nash, Larry Rice’s classmate remembers, J. Scott Smith  (photographer of the Pickford Beach House and palm tree portraitist), Cemetery Guide on the Hope Development School fire, Woodlawn Cemetery where Willa Rhoads rests, Kim’s novel The Kept Girl featuring the Great Eleven and Willa Rhoads, Paleofuture on Synanon, Recommended reading: The Light on Synanon: How a country weekly exposed a corporate cult–and won the Pulitzer Prize, Rose Cole a missing child on the run from Synanon, Cadillac Hotel documentary, Mary Pickford Foundation. (And if these are not the links you expected to see at your webinar’s end, send us an email.)

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Photo by Max Shapovalov.