Where The Action Was rock history tour

This tour is not currently offered on our schedule.

Where the Action Was is Esotouric’s Hollywood and West Hollywood rock and roll history tour, co-hosted by pop music historians Kim Cooper and Gene Sculatti.

In the mid-1960s, the Sunset Strip and Hollywood were ground zero for musical teen youth culture, with scores of great clubs, music shops, recording studios, boutiques, hipster hangouts, radio stations, record stores, and film and TV studios. On the Esotouric bus, you’ll travel back in time to map the musical history of Hollywood and West Hollywood, from Beatlemania and folk rock, glitter rock through punk. Along the way you’ll follow the career highs and lows of a selection of fascinating LA artists: Bobby Fuller (was it murder or suicide?), Phil Spector, Arthur Lee & Love and the Byrds.

From the teen riots over the closing of Pandora’s Box (inspiration for the Buffalo Springfield hit “For What It’s Worth”) to the late night Canter’s Deli scene, from adolescent groupies holding court at Rodney’s English Disco to the wild dances invented at Ciro’s, and so much between, Where The Action Was is a high-energy voyage to a time when music was thrilling, immediate and deeply rooted to the city of LA.

Passenger feedback: “Just wanted to say how much I thoroughly enjoyed the recent “Where the Action Was” rock tour. Wow! The perfect blend of history and pastiche. Amazing that you can pull this off so smoothly in such a difficult city to traverse. I have been living and walking the streets of the tour area for the past six years and never realized half of the history behind all of those great venues I passed. You truly enlightened me in such an insightful, fun manner. I will be sure to recommend your fantastic tours to everyone I know.” (Matthew Turner, Writer/Producer of THE JUKEBOX: FROM EDISON TO IPOD)