Restore Pershing Square Petition

On August 27, 2013, Councilman Jose Huizar announced the formation of The Re-envisioning Pershing Square Task Force, and screened a flashy proposal video by the Gensler architecture firm. The blogosphere erupted with comments, almost universally rejecting the idea of any drastic re-envisioning of the park, and asking why it couldn’t simply have shade trees, lawns, flowers and open sight lines from the street. Some commenters expressed frustration that they didn’t know how to get their voice heard by the Task Force.We believe that Pershing Square should be restored to the classic John Parkinson design that was destroyed for the construction of the parking lot and bomb shelter in 1951, and that the voices of the many Angelenos who share this belief should be amplified and directed to the Mayor, City Council and the Department of Recreation and Parks. So on August 28, 2013, we launched a petition calling for city officials not to re-envision Pershing Square, but to restore it.

The Task Force has been disbanded, and a public/private partnership called Pershing Square Renew is surveying public opinion about the future of the park. Supporters of a restored Pershing Square have been active in sharing their hopes for a return to John Parkinson’s classic 1910 design.

To learn more about this campaign, visit the Pershing Square Restoration Society website and like it on Facebook. To stay informed, please sign the petition.

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