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Join Esotouric for an immersive excursion all around Wilshire and Fairfax, the western terminus of the Miracle Mile. We’re on the trail of a layered history that leads from Columbian mammoths foraging in the last Ice Age to today’s construction cranes, with some fascinating detours along the way. We’ll explore the La Brea Tar Pits as a zone of pre-colonial commerce and Victorian scientific discovery, revealing the fossil hoard’s role in east coast theatrical spiritualism and a deathless romance. Then on to Wilshire Boulevard, where bean fields turned almost overnight to an ultramodern Jazz Age canyon of car culture commerce, including the magnificent Art Deco May Company (and yes, it’s a crime scene). And as the county’s art museum struggles to remake itself with a controversial new building and curatorial vision, we’ll honor the institution that was, and sneaky artists who got their work displayed without curatorial review, all seen through the candid lens of your guides’ advocacy for preserving the 1965 William Pereira campus. Plus, a stroll through the immediate neighborhood on an architectural treasure hunt, including some sweet echoes of the lost LACMA.

This walking tour is illustrated with rare photos you can view on your smartphone. And next time some silly person tries to tell you Los Angeles doesn’t have any history, having taken this tour will give you everything you need to set them straight.