James Ellroy Digs L.A.

Esotouric was thrilled to present a very special tour for everyone seeking some blood, guts and swagger in their 2007 Christmas week: “James Ellroy Digs L.A.”

Passengers on two excursions of “James Ellroy Digs L.A.” accompanied the author on an uncensored time travel journey to tony Hancock Park, where he stalked his teenage classmates and later broke into houses… to the Hollywood flats to explore some of the heinous 1950s murder cases that fascinated him as a youth and continue to feed his obsessions… and out to El Monte, where his mother Geneva was murdered, the unsolved crime that runs through all his work, from “The Black Dahlia” to “My Dark Places.”

Crime novelist and memoirist James Ellroy has on occasion hosted “James Ellroy Digs L.A.” tours, a highly personal journey into the psycho-geography of the region that made him, and that informs such best selling books as “L.A. Confidential,” “The Black Dahlia” and “My Dark Places.” These tours are enormously popular and sell out upon listing. We do not know when or if Mr. Ellroy will give one of these tours in the future, but if you want to be on the next one, we suggest you subscribe to our email list.