Vintage Raymond Chandler Map

In 1985, the husband-and-wife team of Aaron Silverman and Molly Maguire published the first of what the Library of Congress would later call “the decade’s most exciting American maps.” This was The Raymond Chandler Mystery Map of Los Angeles, a glovebox convenient and critically exhaustive guide to the actual locations mentioned in the Philip Marlowe books and stories, from Pasadena to Bay City (Santa Monica), Lake Arrowhead to Hollywood. The map has been out of print for years, selling for over $100 if you were lucky enough to find one.

Esotouric is thrilled to announce that we’ve obtained a small number of these rare and wonderful maps that we’re making available through this site for $26 + $4 s/h.  Also available on request, unfolded, poster-style Chandler maps sent in a tube. Overseas or want the poster? Please contact us for payment instructions. (Maps are $35 overseas postpaid; posters are $60 US postpaid and $70 overseas postpaid.)

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