Bunker Hill Noir

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Until the redevelopment agency bulldozed it all, Los Angeles had a vibrant mixed-use neighborhood in the heart of the city, with Victorian mansions converted to boarding houses, meandering stairways and lush gardens. The buildings were old, but full of character. Bunker Hill’s residents included retirees and workers, artists and writers, families and loners… crime victims and perps.

Join Esotouric and Nathan Marsak for a time travel trip through a lost neighborhood viewed through the bloodstained lens of its true crime history. Long before Nathan was the esteemed author of Bunker Hill Los Angeles: Essence of Sunshine and Noir, he was a collaborator on our 1947project blog, an experiment in understanding Los Angeles by exploring its forgotten crimes and crime scenes, with one full year dedicated to an archeological exploration of old Bunker Hill.  Nathan is so committed to preserving Bunker Hill that he’s recently become an Angels Flight operator, to help keep an eye on the tiny funicular that once served the community’s mass transit needs.

This immersive time travel trip is the ghoulish companion to the Bunker Hill, Dead and Alive, tour, shifting the focus from architecture, history and redevelopment to some of the strange and awful things that happened on Bunker Hill, which when combined with its use as a film location, helped to shape the neighborhood’s abiding reputation as the noir stain on the land of sunshine.

On this tour, you’ll get to know the darker side of Bunker Hill, but the astonishing beauty of its buildings, culture and community will also shine through. It is recommended for mature audiences.  Bunker Noir! is also the name of Nathan’s true crime zine, a collection of terrible tales and rare photos that will be available for purchase and signing after the tour.

This walking tour is illustrated with rare photos you can view on your smartphone.