Solo 6-Pack

Take advantage of Esotouric’s Solo 6-Pack offer and save when one person rides on six of our tours at the discounted price of $276 (regular price $384). These tickets are not transferable, but do not expire. Take tours two weeks in a row, the next in two months, the next three next year, all on your six-tour Solo 6-Pack ticket. With the purchase of this pass, you will be assigned a Solo 6-Pack identification number, which you can use to reserve your spot on the upcoming regular tours of your choice, as long as they’re not already sold out. Need to cancel? Please inform us within 72 hours to reset your pass.

If you want to bring friends with you on your discounted Esotouric adventures, you want the Shareable 12-Pack. Click here here for info.

Gift certificates for solo riders, couples and families are also available in any denomination, from one ticket on up.

Discount passes are only good on regularly scheduled tours, but not for special events. Please note that you may NOT apply any other discounts to this purchase, and to ride the Blood & Dumplings tour, you’ll need to bring cash to cover the cost of the dumplings.