Episode #35: The End of the Rainbow

You Can't Eat The Sunshine - The Esotouric podcast

Atomic Cafe, 1st & Alamdea, circa 1980.

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Join us this week as we talk with longtime Downtown LA resident Terry Ellsworth about the deep sense of community he found while living in the American Hotel in the Arts District. We’ll also visit with “Big John” Maljevic, who shares his father’s astonishing life story, a thrill-packed early 20th century voyage around the world, and how he found the girl he’d left behind.

We’ll also discuss changes coming to the LA County Board of Supervisors, an unexpected $200-million funding gap for the Broadway streetcar project, reports that 5th & Spring has been named John Parkinson Square prove premature, and the flood of longtime vendors leaving Grand Central Market. All this and more the week of September 16th, 2013.

Photo: Atomic Cafe, 1st & Alamdea, circa 1980.