Episode #33: Late Nights & Lost Lore

You Can't Eat The Sunshine - The Esotouric podcast

 Gorky's circa 1982

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Join us this week as we visit with pioneering Downtown restaurateur Judith Markoff Hansen about her remarkable journey opening Gorky’s at 8th & San Julian in 1981. We’ll also visit with acting City Archivist, Michael Holland, for an introduction to the hidden treasures waiting to be discovered in Los Angeles’ archive.

Plus, speculation that longtime curator Ann Goldstein might return to run MOCA, a moderately radical plan to save South Pasadena’s Rialto Theatre, the chickens of East LA’s Serbian Cemetery, and yet another proposal to re-envision Pershing Square inspires our petition asking public servants to simply restore our greatest lost park. All this and more, as Kim & Richard usher in the week of September 2nd, 2013.

Photo: Gorky’s circa 1982