Episode #31: Free Speech & Forensic Science

You Can't Eat The Sunshine - The Esotouric podcast

Street Speaker in Pershing Square, circa 1948.  Biltmore Hotel in the background

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Join us this week as we talk with Cal State Los Angeles history professor Mark Wild about his research into the contentious world of street speaking in early 20th century L.A. Then we cross the campus to visit the laboratories of the Criminalistics Department, for a glimpse into the cutting edge forensic science theories and investigative tools which could transform police work in the southland and beyond.

Plus, the CRA’s successor agency fences off park and plaza to curb “loitering,” the “MyFigueroa” Streetscape plan released, Charles Bukowski’s favorite sex shop is no more, Grand Central Market seeks permits for beer and wine sales into the early hours, and WAHA appeals to PLUM over that committee’s approval of the partial destruction of the landmark Bishop’s Mansion in West Adams. All this and more, as Kim & Richard usher in the week of August 19th, 2013.

Photo: Street Speaker in Pershing Square, circa 1948. Biltmore Hotel in the background.

Photo Credit: LAPL Photo Collection