Episode #27: The Makers of Modern Los Angeles: Charles Fletcher Lummis & John Parkinson

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Photo (left to right): Charles Fletcher Lummis & John Parkinson

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Join us this week as we talk with Stephen Gee, author of a new book on the legacy of the iconic Los Angeles architect John Parkinson. We’ll also visit with Pat Adler Ingraham, Director of the Southern California Historical Society, to discuss Charles Fletcher Lummis, early L.A. booster, librarian, preservationist and builder.

Plus discussion of the much anticipated Los Angeles-themed exhibition at the Natural History Museum, some interesting community grants from the California Office of Historic Preservation, illegal alterations to the National Register Masonic Hall in Highland Park, scanning the newspapers of Northeast LA, Monterey Park considers putting a digital
spin on the Brown Act, and the launch of six new free walking tours in the Flaneur & The City series to raise awareness about proposed changes to Broadway. All this and more, as Kim & Richard usher in the week of July 22nd, 2013.

Photo (left to right): Charles Fletcher Lummis & John Parkinson