Further Reading on The Treasures and Tragedies of Elysian Park

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SPECIAL LINKS FOR THIS WEEK: Nathan Marsak can be found on RIP Los Angeles and Bunker Hill Los Angeles. Gordon Pattison presents Old Bunker Hill: One Family’s Perspective at the LAVA Sunday Salon. Courtland Jindra invites you to Flag Day at Victory Memorial Grove (June 14 at 10am). Terry Eagan’s faux bois website and Huntington Gardens arbors time lapse film. Los Angeles Police Revolver and Athletic Club website (the folks to ask about access to Francois Scotti’s cascades), and see also their non-profit Los Angeles Police Academy Revitalization Alliance website. Location of Francois Scotti’s St. Francis Fountain in Riverside: next to the Rubidoux Dog Park. Facebook threads about Francois Scotti’s St. Francis Fountain at Mt. Rubidoux: thread 1, thread 2. Eden journal of the California Garden and Landscape History – issue on Citizens Committee to Save Elysian Park and Francois Scotti’s cascade (PDF link). Francois Scotti’s Butchart Gardens installation in Canada. Citizens Committee to Save Elysian Park website and on Instagram and Facebook. Grace E. Simons: The Defender Of Elysian Park. Finding Aid of the Citizens Committee to Save Elysian Park records at USC Special Collections. Chavez Ravine lost neighborhoods and displacement website. Barlow Medical Library records, 1899-1951 at UCLA Special Collections. You Can’t Eat the Sunshine podcast Episode #107: Clever Gifts and Nihilist Olympics: Two Unique Slices of L.A. Life includes an interview with Margaret Freed about her Guildhouse gift shop at Barlow Respiratory Hospital, and Episode #112: Elysian Park Activists: Preserving Sacred Ground includes Michael Weinstein, President and co-founder of AIDS Healthcare Foundation, about his work in helping to establish the Chris Brownlie AIDS Hospice at Barlow, and Sallie Neubauer, past president of the Citizens Committee to Save Elysian Park. Related webinars: A Love Letter to the Cafeterias of Old Los Angeles and A Gallery of Downtown Los Angeles Artists Celebrated and Obscure. In Search Of… 1914 Hobo Inscriptions in the LA River. Chavez Ravine Arboretum webpage. Marshall Berman: Emerging from the Ruins. Peter Shire artist website. Place, Race, and Story: Essays on the Past and Future of Historic Preservation by Ned Kaufman. Merrill Butler engineer of the Figueroa Street Tunnels and Sixth Street Viaduct. (And if these are not the links you expected to see at your webinar’s end, send us an email.)

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