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SPECIAL LINKS FOR THIS WEEK: • In Steubenville, OH: Mark Nelson’s Leonardo’s Coffee House and family business Nelson Gifts… Grand Theater history and restorationNutcracker Village & Advent MarketNaples Spaghetti House (since 1923)… Dean Martin Festival… Branagan the Hellbender is on Instagram and on the Jefferson Soil and Water Conservation District website. • In St. Clairsville, OH: Mehlman Cafeteria welcomes you. • In New Vrinadaban, WV: Prabhupada’s Palace of Gold… Follow ISKCON New Vrindaban Land of Krishna on YouTube, on Instagram or Facebook…. Palace of Gold National Register application (73 pages, PDF link)… • In Johnstown, PA: The Steeples Project is a campaign to turn former ethnic churches into exciting new venues within a growing cultural district… The Grand Halle on Broad Street, formerly Immaculate Conception Church… Johnstown Area Heritage Association’s Heritage Discovery Center, Flood Museum and Wagner-Ritter HouseInclined Plane funicular history… Center for Metal Arts… Johnstown Flood histories 1889 and 1936… Clip from The Johnstown Flood – Academy Award ® Winner documentary produced by Richard Burkert.

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