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I am conversing with Marguerite Rizzo on a fundraising seminar about John Floyd Thomas Jr AKA. the Westside Rapist case for a class in the Summer. We might both want to have your interest.

They are always on a Sunday afternoon, 12-4pm at the Hertz berg-Davis Forensic Science Center in the Criminalistics Department labs and classrooms. The event is a fundraiser for the Criminalistics Department at CalStateLA.

Supria Rosner, DNA Technical Leader, Forensics Department LAPD, is also keen to participate as well.

Also Jill Stewart, editorial manager (at the time) of the LA Weekly, and the author she relegated to the case, Christine Pelisek, are both eager to participate too.

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We have done a seminar with Marguerite before, as well as with Bobby Grace on the Chester Turner case:



Please let me know if you think this is feasible. We are hoping to sit down with Marguerite in the coming weeks to figure out a Sunday date for this in Spring 2020.