EASTSIDE BABYLON Bus Tour Description

Go East, Young Crime Fiend! And let Esotouric guide you through a century’s weird history on the east side of the Los Angeles River. On this true crime tour, you’ll discover fascinating, little-known neighborhoods and the grim memories they hold. Come visit Boyle Heights, where the Night Stalker was captured. Roam the hallowed lawns of Evergreen, L.A.’s oldest cemetery and home of some most unusual burials. Visit East Los Angeles, where a deranged radio shop employee made mincemeat of his boss and bride–also home to the world’s biggest tamale. Explore the ghastly streets of Commerce, where one small neighborhood’s myriad crimes will shock and surprise. Visit Montebello, to get your heart broken by a horrifying case of mother love gone haywire. All this, and so much more on Esotouric’s exploration of the Eastside’s most horrifying forgotten crimes.