Bring & Expect Insert AAA


This is a 2 1/2 hour walking tour. We’ll cover about 3 miles, and we’ll be in and out of buildings, some of which are climate controlled, some of which (might) have bathrooms available.
Bring a bottle of water. We will have a cooler of cold water along with us and there will be ample opportunity to refill yours.

Wear a hat, as it might be warm. Wear sensible shoes, we will walking around a fair amount.
Bring your smartphone. We’ll provide a URL for viewing photos relevant to locations along the tour as we go.

Bring a mask. Please bring a mask. We expect and will insist that for everyone’s safety, when we enter buildings we put on masks. This tour will have 40-50 people on it and we have to take precautions, for the sake of everyone on the tour. Just as we set our pace based on the needs and abilities of the whole group, we are doing the same with mask compliance.

If you don’t have a mask upon your arrival at check-in we will provide one, but please endeavor to leave the house for this tour with a mask, it shows you are paying attention.