Shareable 12-Pack

Take advantage of Esotouric’s Shareable 12-pack offer and save when between one and twelve people ride one or more Esotouric tours at the discounted price of $540 (regular price $768). The person who buys the 12-pack must ride each tour, but otherwise you can mix and match on these tickets, which do not expire. Take a tour by yourself this week, bring four friends in two months, then you still have six seats left to share, all on your twelve-seat Shareable 12-Pack ticket. With the purchase of this pass, you will be assigned a Shareable 12-Pack identification number, which you can use to reserve your and any friends’ spots on the upcoming regular tours of your choice, as long as they’re not already sold out. Need to cancel? Please inform us within 72 hours to reset your pass.

If you only plan to ride alone on discounted Esotouric adventures, you want the Solo 6-Pack. Click here here for info.

Gift certificates for solo riders, couples and families are also available in any denomination, from one ticket on up.

Please note: you may NOT apply any other discounts to this purchase, and only one 12-pack may be active in a passenger’s name at any time, and no more than 12 discounted riders may attend one tour together in a group. If you want to buy out a larger number of tickets on a public tour, kindly inquire with us directly. Discount passes are only good on regularly scheduled tours, but not for special events. To ride the Blood & Dumplings tour, you’ll need to bring cash to cover the cost of dumplings.